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Additional Reviews

“They’re not musical theatre performers.  They are wonderful actors who happened to have beautiful voices.”

~Director Julianne Boyd
The Daily Gazeti, By Bill Buell, Review: West Side Story

In a performance that is charmingly and poignantly defined and developed, Julie Craig's Maria is naive, smart, eager, radiant, positively luminous, a hopeful girl who moves into womanhood too quickly and too hard.”

The Berkshire Eagle, By Jeffrey Borak

Review: West Side Story

Craig is the light at the center of the show. Hers is a Maria who is fully original and fresh-faced...we believe she is in love for the first time as she beams in her unstudied smile and lucent eyes with a vulnerable openness that would almost be heartbreaking were it not so spontaneous. It is so immediate that we can't escape the moment to consider the role of future fate. As for Craig's singing, well, perhaps that's how angels might sound.”
The North Adams Transcript, By Ralph Hammann

Review: West Side Story

But it is the entrance of Julie Craig in the role of Maria that gives this production its real lift.  Ms. Craig has everything: youthful beauty, expressive innocence, and an especially fine voice that complements Bernstein’s music.”
WAMC Northeast Public Radio, By Herbert Wolff

Review: West Side Story

I must mention the wonderful singing of Julie Craig, whose Maria has the warmth, dynamic vocal range and technical security to make the most of her marvelous songs: ‘Tonight,’ ‘One Hand, One Heart’ and ‘I Feel Pretty,’ each of which was a standout.
Advocate Weekly, By Stephen Dankner

Review: West Side Story

“The leads are terrific…Julie Craig is a tender, affectionate Maria who brings emotion to every note she sings.”
The Record, By Bob Goepfert

Review: West Side Story

“The music is enjoyably melodic, especially so when sung Julie Craig, a lovely young actress I remember from Barrington Stage's revival of West Side Story two summers ago.”

A CurtainUp Review, By Elyse Sommer

Review: The Black Monk

“A production transferred from the RSC but with an American cast (including Broadway veterans in the leads), this play was written in 1613 as part of the Spanish Golden Age of Theater...Another shout-out goes to Julie Craig, a singer providing a haunting soundtrack for much of the action.”

Shakespearances, By Eric Minton

Review: The Dog in the Manger